Dj Equipment


Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK 3

Fully equipped for the future of digital DJing and inspired by
the input of world-renown DJs, the ingenious CDJ-1000MK3 houses
a host of refined ‘feel-good’ features.

Combining convenient MP3 compatibility, a fast folder search
facility, enhanced presentation of track/wave data and an
improved jog wheel with adjustable traction, the MK3s are
designed to deliver the most advantageous digital DJ experience.

With additional creative possibilities for live re-mixing easily
accessible via the new hot loop feature and with gold RCA
connectors to maximise the high fidelity sound, the CDJ-1000MK3
puts your performance first!

Technics SL-1210 MK 2

Technics SL series turntables have become legendary with over 3 million
sets being produced and used by DJs and clubs the world over.

SL-1210MK2 features the undisputedly accurate, reliable and durable
Quartz Direct Drive Motor, with Aluminium Diecast cabinets and heavy
rubber base for vibration damping.

The most famous of all DJ turntables is still the SL1200MK2.
The precision Diecast Aluminium Cabinet and rubber base ensure
total stability and vibration damping and the Quartz Direct
Drive Motor means precision and reliability in mixing, proven
and sworn by Djs over the world.

Pioneer DJM 800

The DJM-800 is a powerful 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit digital mixer that’s
complemented by 61 assignable MIDI control channels.

It features ‘Harmonic Mixing’, a landmark innovation that detects a track’s
key and automatically aligns it to the closest true key, removing inaccuracies
created when adjusting the pitch.

The DJM-800 displays a wide variety of effects, such as
‘filter’, ‘sweep’ and ‘crush’ effects through a highpass/lowpass filter,
notch filter and bit crusher effect for all line channels.

The effects automatically detect the BPM of the music and sync to the beats.
In conjunction with the additional Digital Beat Effects, 50 combinations of
effects are possible.

The DJM-800 has a high rigid chassis for minimizing unnecessary vibration
that could adversely affect sound quality. It also incorporates a dual-shield
structure for eliminating entry of digital noise and a high performance
power supply.

Allen + Heath Xone 42

Professional 4 channel Club/DJ mixer
The Xone:42 is a new compact 4 -channel DJ mixer with USB audio interface,
designed for DJ’s of all abilities and experience from top pro DJ’s to
bedroom enthusiasts who want a compact quality mixer with pro features.

Integral to the mixer’s design is a new feature – the ‘X-FX‘ control -
allowing signal to be sent to external FX, and returned to be combined
with the now legendary Xone VCF filter system.

There’s even a USB port which allows easy connection to a computer and
integration of digital media, which can be used to play back music files
from a laptop and to record mixes, or used with software as a digital
DJ effects unit.

Allen + Heath Xone 32

This 3-channel mixer has a feature set that is second-to-none at this level.
The famous Xone VCF is included, with high-pass, band-pass and low-pass filter switching,
resonance control and tap programmable low frequency oscillator, while all filter settings
can be saved to any of four digital recall setting (DRS) memories giving unprecedented
control over the music.

Combined with the renowned Xone sound quality, the Xone:32 is a class act,
and is also one of the few small format mixers around which is good enough
for installation in the professional club circuit.