Resolution 5

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The Resolution 5 Touring is a three-way, long throw loudspeaker enclosure designed to operate from 100Hz upwards. The unique and patented Axhead loading device not only gives incredible efficiency and dispersion control, but also increases high frequency output from the 8” cone driver. This means that the crossover point to the compression driver can be raised to an astonishing 6kHz for dramatically reduced distortion compared to compression driver based midrange systems so prevalent in the industry. Its highly controlled dispersion enables precise tailoring of overall system coverage. Unwanted room reflections are thereby substantially reduced maintaining the enclosure’s high intelligibility. The system’s flexibility in application renders it suitable for any venue size from 500 people to the largest stadia, thereby maximising use of rental inventory. Its innovative and simple integrated flying system, combined with minimal size and weight, allow two people to fly and trim an arena cluster in under half an hour. The Resolution 5 is economic in terms of system cost, production budget and truck space. Above all, the accuracy and sonic quality it delivers are unsurpassed.

  • The system is ‘people friendly’ with stunning aesthetics and unprecedented sound quality.
  • The Resolution 5 is incredibly efficient requiring up to 10dB less drive level than previous designs to achieve the same level.
  • A Resolution 5 system uses at least 25% less enclosures than previous designs to achieve the same coverage with greater SPL.
  • The Resolution 5 has a highly controlled dispersion pattern of 25° horizontal by 20° vertical for almost seemless array implementation and the enormous high frequency headroom facilitates its long-range application.
  • With Resolution, there is no need for separate flying trunks or losable parts such as chains, links, pins or tools, as all inter-cabinet flying hardware is completely built into the enclosure. Furthermore, the flying system is very useful when the enclosures are ground-stacked, enabling angle optimisation.
  • The system truck packs superbly requiring less transport expense.
  • A highly effective wheel-board completes the packaging offering full touring protection for the front of the Resolution 5 and also makes transport a dream.

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