INFRA-218 – Double 18″ Bass

August 25th, 2010 by admin | No Comments »

The Andrews’ patented Infrabass 218 is a bass design aimed at the octave from 30 – 60Hz. It delivers copious quantities of wonderfully smooth, deep bass for a powerful sonic experience. Often used as the low-end foundation for the Dance Stack, the Infrabass can also give tremendous authority to Resolution 2s adding yet a further dimension to their application. With attention to timing, the Infrabass can be combined with F218s to give the extension and depth of a much larger system.

Due to the very large current requirements of extreme low frequencies, only amplifiers with high calibre power supplies will realise the full potential of this product. The optional Double InfraHorn can provide significant additional loading (extra 10dB at 33Hz) for a pair of Infrabass 218s in applications with extreme bass requirements.

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